Can I find someone who likes Shameless but doesn’t like Glee

I know like 10,000 people do this each day, but I really really need to get my writing muse back, so—

Fic prompts?

People who are saying that Mickey will be okay with physical affection in public from now on

Nah son

I’d be his, if he asked. —Six Word Story (via roguedirection)

Ahhh I'm so happy that it's you that still has this url!!! Glad to see you're back to writing fic :}

aaa hhhh thank you lmao uvu
yeah man I’ve been gone from this blog for hella long but I’m trying to get back into writing my two precious (gay) angels. I don’t even think I can do anything canon after S4 because I am awful at writing depressed/bipolar characters, but I can still hit everything else that’s out there.

Thanks for the message omg, really brightened my night.


i bet tony and bucky would squabble like cats and dogs

like steve likes to go out on days when they aren’t swamped with work or busy with missions and they start out the day with arguing about who gets to spend the day with steve  ”i’m his best friend!”  ”who’s been drying his eyes while you were gone, hm?”

and they both end up going out with him, sulkily eating paninis and talking over each other to keep steve’s attention.  and when steve goes to the bathroom, bucky squirts lemonade on tony’s shirt with his straw.

just picture them making passive agressive jabs at one another the whole day and steve just doesn’t notice, happily munching on popcorn because tony pulled a few strings and got them in to see an early screening of Rio 2 in 3D because steve likes that kinda happy, cartoon-y shit.  he had half a mind to leave barnes outside of the theater but he figured that would bum steve out.

once the movie starts, they go silent, but every time steve leans forward to laugh at some annoying bird joke or whatever the fuck is happening on screen, bucky flips tony off over steve’s shoulder and tony sends a mouthed “fuck you” right back.

jealous boyfriends pretty much

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