Anonymous asked:
"can you do one where one of them cheats on the other but it was a misunderstanding? no bad stuff like the other anon asked for but i can see where theyre coming from with a cheating fic"

Well, I can attempt it, but I honestly doubt that I’d be able to, so I’m going to have to say no in this situation. I really don’t know how to write a cheating ‘misunderstanding’ fic, I’m sorry, anon!


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Emma Watson for Elle


Fan Art Shameless

Anonymous asked:
"fic request—mickey being all worried about ian taking his meds even when they're fighting?? pls i love this thank you"

You got it, dude. Expect it tonight or tomorrow!

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The casting director said the scene featured Mickey Milkovich going on a date for the first time

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“It’s kind of like a little crack in the armor there. It’s kind of like, yeah, I’m glad you’re here, but don’t embarrass me. Let’s not have any mushy stuff. I don’t do the mushy stuff. Take your hand of the glass, man.”

Noel Fisher on his scene in 1.10 (x)


arrogant characters

arrogant characters refusing to admit they care about people

arrogant characters not realizing they care about people

arrogant characters realizing they care about someone after something terrible happens to them

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“Only one mistake was made when Cameron broke character and starting laughing in the middle of the scene. Noel jokingly responded by saying, “All you have to do is sleep… Like most scenes.” I must say those two had great chemistry and seemed close”